Science, Policy, and Advocacy on Population and the Environment

The Center for Environment and Population (CEP) is a leading non-profit research, policy and advocacy organization that addresses key issues relating to human population and the natural environment.

CEP works in three program areas: population, health and environment (PHE) linkages; reproductive health and rights, and; gender/women/girls empowerment - from the local community to national and global levels.

Through award-winning, groundbreaking resource materials and strategically planned activities, the Center uniquely strengthens the scientific basis of policies and advocacy, and focuses on action - to achieve a long-term sustainable balance between people and the natural environment; achieve reproductive health and rights, and; improve the lives and health of women and children in the US and worldwide. No other organization undertakes such activities in this manner, so CEP fills an important niche.

CEP partners with leading experts and organizations to link science to policy, public outreach, and advocacy, to better understand and effectively address the issues. To do this, CEP and its partners:

  • Compile, assess and advance the best current knowledge and emerging trends on population (growth/density/movement/composition, women/girls/gender, reproductive health) and/or the environment (sustainable development, ecosystems, climate change/water/biodiversity/land use, etc.);
  • Produce award winning, balanced, easy-to-understand research-based resource materials and tools for policy makers, the media, and targeted public;
  • Integrate the information into policies and public outreach, advocate and take action, and;
  • Engage youth on the issues.

Through a variety of CEP programs and consultancy work, the Center for Environment and Population (CEP) focuses on the issues in the US domestically (at the local community/grassroots, state, national levels), and globally.


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